Due Diligence

At Carlson Quinn, we have performed numerous compliance reviews of our clients’ retirement plans, helping them stay in compliance with ERISA and ensuring that they operate in accordance with their plan documents. We have also assisted many clients in their merger and acquisition activities by conducting due diligence reviews of their target companies’ retirement plans, in some cases uncovering problems that could have cost them significant amounts of money.

We Can
  • Review your plan documents, administrative forms and operational procedures to verify that you are in compliance with the law and your plan document

  • Recommend corrective steps if gaps or deficiencies are discovered

  • Help you go through IRS or DOL correction programs if necessary

  • Assist in your mergers and acquisitions by performing due diligence on the target company’s retirement plans

  • Provide strategic consulting on the disposition of acquired companies’ retirement plans – continue to maintain them, merge them into your plans, change their plan designs, or terminate them